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What is marriage

Have we given upon marriage? It seem that more and more people are either living together or putting off marriage till later in life. Some are entering marriage with the idea whether consciously or not that they will stay in the marriage for as long as it makes them happy.

As some one who has been married for 33 wonderful years I can attest that marriage can be a wonderful thing. At creation God instituted marriage when He stated that it was not a good thing for man to be alone. So he created Eve and gave her to Adam. Though Adam had a perfect relationship with the Lord He still needed human companionship. The relationship of marriage is not a sign of weakness but is meant to be the joining of two people to create a stronger unit.

Marriage is not an easy thing. As with most things that are good it takes work, commitment and an unselfish attitude that puts the other persons well being first.. My wife and I are very happy but yet we are not perfect. So we have entered marriage counseling not to save our marriage but to enhance it. There is nothing better than a happy marriage

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